Saturday, August 16, 2014

Legends Rising Event, Got Swordmaiden Yui From Fusion

First of all, Hello hero launch their routines event called Legends Rising Event. In this event, they will increase recruit chance for some 6 star heroes. In this Legends Rising Event, heroes that recruit channce increased is girls heroes like Rebecca, Sorceress Sally, Avril, Maid Emma, Swordmaiden Yui, Teddybear Pinky, Fighter Rina, Miho, Coco from Golden Forest, and Disciple Lingling!

 I can't explain more details about this event. You can read all in their facebook fanpage here

Good news from me, I got Swordmaiden Yui from fusing Prince Frog and Monk Samzang. Not from carat? Not special? Maybe yes, but I always want hero with high att damage in single attack and finally I got this hero, Swordmaiden Yui.

Just like other user, I already try to recruit some heroes in this event using carats. But well, almost all 3 stars and if I'am lucky I can get 1 or 2 4 stars. Well, this is game after all.

I think it's too late to post this because my Yui already got to lv 30 XD, but there's her :

 Yui skill is increase attack all ally 35% and single hit 195% att damage. Well, it will help me in other event like dungeons,treasure hunt event, or boss raid. Okay, see you in my next post

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finally Got Pink Kraken From Treasure Hunt Event

Hello readers, for today I just wanna share that I got Pink Kraken hero from Treasure hunt event. Not too important, but everyone have their own way to celebrate right? That's why I post it in this blog today.

I already mastered this hero, but what make me little excited is I got this hero just after 4 times trying. More over, I just start to participate in this event today because since 2 days ago I'm concentrate to level up dancer june for another event. Other reason, In apophis event, I got hero after 60x try, sad huh. That's way today I'm so happy. Here's screenshot of my IGN getting Pink Kraken :

And here is my Pink Kraken that I got from Treasure hunt event :

Yeay, finally got this. After got this hero I think I will use it to upgrade my *6 Franken. Thanks for reading, and wait for my next post

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dungeon 27 Guide and Tips

This site my first blogpost in this site, for today I will give some tips for hello hero dungeon level 27. In this level, we have 5 enemies. Our enemy is 2 Artilery Stew,2 Infantri Stew, and 1 Red Cloak Tom. It's really easy, so keep your attention to this article.

From 5 enemies, the only one enemy that immunes to stun and confuse is red cloak tom. So you can stun another 4. Everyone have their own style to fight in dungeon, but this is just tips from me. You can follow it or maybe just read it.

First, you must bring provoke hero and healer (with healing skill and remove spell). For starter, you can use officer king and amelia because you can get that 2 hero in recruit tab. But if you have higher grade hero, for example, provoke : wicked jagar,assasin king, healer : chichi, etc it will be better.

Because 4 enemies can be stunned, you can bring 1 stunner to give them stun effect. For 2 other heroes, you can bring your strongest attacker. Not a specific hero because there's so many hero in hello hero recruit tab, just bring your best hero besides provoke and healer.

My other recomendation, before starting dungeon level 27. Make sure all of your heroes has upgraded +5. Thats for best, good in defense and attack term.

Ok, mission start. For opening, use provoke skill of you provoke hero and after that, all enemy attack will be focused to your provoke hero. 2 mice in the back row can sue area attack, but it won't be a problem if all of your heroes +5.

The last problem is red cloak tom and his evasion skill that will make your attack miss. For this one, as long as you keep manage your attacker to attack this enemy, you will win. Because you have provoke, all attack will be focused there so you can fusing attack with other heroes. But make sure you syncronize timing for healer and provoke hero.

Rewards for this dungeon is *3 hero. Hope this tips will help you, and good luck.